Villa Vs. Apartments: Which One Should You Buy?

There are many apartments in Chennai on sale and flats in Chennai in the market that any budding homeowner can purchase and call it home. Most people are torn between buying a villa, an apartment or building their own homes. The choice can be tricky but the fact remains that buying a house; be it as investment or to live in, is expensive and most people pay mortgages and loans for years before they can finally clear the debt. It is therefore crucial that you take time to carefully critique your decision. Discussed below is a simple guide that can point you to the right investment decision.

The Cost

Any real estate decision is primarily driven by the price of the property. Today, most people are searching for 3 bhk flats in Chennai in apartments because they are more affordable than flats. Compared to apartments in Chennai, Flats in Chennai are also more expensive to maintain because of extra spaces such as the garden and common area. You will also need security services, someone to man the gate, among others. This is not the case with apartments because they are mainly managed by representatives, at a small fee.


The location of the apartments in Chennai on sale immensely affects the overall cost of the property. The proximity of property to places you frequent such as work, school, city center or hospitals should guide your decision. In most cases, due to land scarcity as you draw nearer the city, you are likely to come across 3bhk flats in Chennai on sale than flats that tend to be located in the outskirts of the city. This should also be influenced by the occupants; there is no point of a single person owning a villa if the only thing that matters is a place to rest after a busy day at work. For families, flats in Chennai are ideal.

Future Plans

What are your plans for the future regarding the property you are interested in? Small families will definitely not have a problem with a 3 bhk flats in Chennai but larger families are best suited for flats. As you invest in an area near Chennai, it is advisable to think about tomorrow. You might be single today whose main focus is commuting to the city for work, but if at some point in life, you sure will need a larger independent space. It is also important to think about the possibility of selling the property at a later date for a larger on.

Personal Preferences

Some people want to feel that they were involved in the creation of the space they occupy. Your ability to customize apartments in Chennai is limited compared to flats where you have enough space. You cannot restructure or expand a 3 bhk flat in Chennai, but with flats, you have all the independence to change your house as you wish. In fact, you can bring it down at a later date and construct a different one of a design of your choice.

The bottom line is that; flats offer flexibility but they are costlier than apartments in Chennai. However, if you are limited by the budget, there is no harm in going for an affordable apartment as you think about the future. Contact Altis for amazing apartments, flats and flats on sale in Chennai.

Reasons Why Online Insurance Policies Have Become Popular

The significance of an insurance policy doesn't require any emphasis. Everyone has obviously come into contact with one of the many insurance sales agents, whose passion for insurance is adorable. In the past, you had to find an agent or visit the insurance company, fill long application forms, wait for approvals before you are issued with a cover of your choice. Not anymore; the web has since simplified all that as you can easily find a legit online policy in the safety and comfort of your home. The popularity of online insurance policy can be attributed to many factors, some are discussed below.


Most people don't have insurance covers mainly because of the cost. The price of the insurance policy immensely affects its purchase. Unlike offline policies, an online insurance policy is likely to be cheaper than the offline ones due to various factors. In most cases, online policies are purchased directly from the insurance company of high repute such as Camsrepository, free from middlemen. This saves you the intermediary charges that are transferred to the buyer. Second, there is a lower mortality risk compared to those policies purchased offline because the application is processed directly by the insurance company. Due to the affordability of an online policy, the average amount insured in most cases is higher compared to the offline counterpart.

Ease of Application

Applying for an online insurance policy is fast and reliable. You don't have to travel to a specific location to submit an application. There is not time restrictions as well because you can simply visit the website of an insurance policy of your choice then submit your complete your application in the safety and comfort of your home.

Readily Available Information

Before purchasing an online policy¸ it is important to go through and understand all the information about the plan, key features, duration, premiums and tenure, among others. Armed with the readily available information on the website such as Camsrepository, you can confidently make the right decision. You don't have to rely on information provided by an agent or customer support representative because it can be biased.

Reputation Check

There are many online platforms such as forums or social media sites where you can read customer reviews and experiences about the specific product you are interested in to make the right decision. In most cases, measure the reputation of any online insurance policy based on claims settlement.

Finally, there is overall transparency when it comes to purchasing an insurance policy online. All information is available online. However, there is no harm in asking for clarification if you come across murky areas on the website.

How to Choose the Best Dry Cleaning service in Delhi

With many companies today offering professional laundry service in Delhi¸ you have to know what to look for in a company before trusting them with your laundry. You shouldn't choose a company because it is located next door. You shouldn't give the cheapest company in the neighborhood your garments. Don't rush to engage the services of a company with a flashy name. Instead, take your time to review available providers then decide based on various factors; experience, technology, price, speed of work, extras, adherence to the set laws and regulations, among others.

We might have many companies offering laundry cleaning service in Delhi, but which one is most experienced. The level of experience in this context is measured by the number of years a company has been offering the service. Ideally, go for the most experienced if they have invested in the latest washing technologies. There are some newer companies however that might not have been in the market for long, but their staffs have been working in the sector for some time now. Therefore, consider that a plus because you stand to get equally superior quality work at a fraction of the cost.

Talking of the cost, how do you decide fair pricing? Compare the offering from different companies before making up your mind. Most dry cleaning service in Delhi charge based on various factors such as the urgency, fabrics, size of the clothes, number, among others. Call at least three different providers before you eventually make up your mind on who to entrust your laundry with. However, don't be swayed by professional laundry service in Delhi companies with the cheapest prices because they might not be the best. Watch out for discounts and offers to enable you save on your laundry.

You should also consider the speed of work. How soon will the company clean and deliver your suit? There are times when snap services are needed and you can only get that right if you use a trusted laundry cleaning service in Delhi. Rush projects are especially useful for busy professionals always on the move. Ideally, use a company that is open 24-hours, weekends and is possible, public holidays. This is the surest way to guarantee their service whenever they are needed without compromising on the quality of the output.

Is the company duly licensed and insured? This should be one of the very first questions to get clarification on from the provider. Serious dry cleaning service in Delhi companies are registered and licensed to offer the service. However, that is not enough to guarantee the quality of their laundry work. Serious ones go a notch higher and insure their clients' garments. This means that in the event that your laundry is damaged by during a professional laundry service in Delhi, you will be compensated for the same. It is not like the risk in that regard is high, but it gives the client peace of mind that the worst is unlikely to happen.

Ask yourself what extras come with the laundry cleaning service in Delhi? To attract more customers, these companies offer their customers very attractive discounts such as free laundry for x number of service. Such offers not only save you money, but help establish close working relationship with the company. Some reputable ones such as Wassup have become famous with their home delivery service. This means that you don't have to leave your premises searching for someone to clean your laundry.

Companies succeed because they have a team of professional staff. The same applies with professional laundry cleaning services in Delhi. While still on professionalism, the number of workers is equally important. If the company has only two or three employees, then it is incapable of handling bulk projects. As a result, customers are likely to suffer from constant delays and a bucket full of excuses why their laundry was delayed. Serious businesses will hire a sufficient number of experienced to get their clients' work done on schedule.

Finally, don't compromise on the quality of customer service. As the best provider of the dry cleaning service in Delhi, Wassup value their customers and will get out of their way to deliver excellent services at all times.

Social Media Marketing Company

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